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Water Jet Cutting & Custom Fabrication

Waterjet Cut Customer Sprockets

Here at The Perfect Score, we put the same water jet cutting and custom fabrication tools we use for the manufacture our own equipment to work for customers across many industries, from the water jet cutting or welding of small one piece projects to water jet cut runs of hundreds or thousands of parts.
We use a 5' x 12' water jet cutting table capable of cutting stainless steel, carbon, aluminum, plastics, and much more in a variety of thicknesses. We choose the water jet cutting speed based on the material thickness and your project and tolerances. On multiple piece projects, we utilize nesting software to lay out your pieces for the most economic and effective use of your material, cutting down on material waste.
Our fabricators are skilled with Mig and Tig welding and component, frame, or equipment fabrication across multiple applications and industries.