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Roll Around Scoring Unit

The Perfect Score's Roll Around scoring machine provides the same specifications and benefits as Straddler scoring, but with its own conveyor and the option of portability with casters. This scoring unit can be integrated into customers' existing conveyor lines or used as a stand-alone system.  The scoring conveyor is variable speed and available in different lengths, built to your line's elevation with room for adjustment. This cutter's design also enables you to easily move the system to different stations with ease. There is also a reversing conveyor option if the scoring machine will be used as a stand-alone system, where one operator can load the board or pan to the scoring conveyor, and the board or pan will return to the operator at the infeed position after passing through the scoring blades. 

As with many of our bakery scoring systems, we offer a variety of scoring head options to achieve your board or pan angle, flow of motion, and scoring pattern.

All of The Perfect Score's scoring machines come equipped with our high quality scoring blades to accomplish the Hand-Cut look you need.

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Roll Around Scoring Unit
Roll Around Scoring Unit


Height-Seeking Scoring Option.

Our Height-Seeking Option is available on this Scoring Machine, using light array technology to achieve automatic height adjustments. The sensor scans across the pan/peel as it passes through "seeking" the highest point. With the highest point identified, the scoring head adjusts automatically to choose the cut depth for that pan/peel. This is used where proof is not consistent from one pan/peel to the next or where score depth is more critical, and is available as an option on some of our Scoring Machine types.

Take a look at the Height-Seeking Scoring Option in action.

We know it's hard to see on video, so we used boxes for one of our factory tests to give you a better idea. You can view that here.